Our Mission

"Our goal is to provide innovative solutions for a select clientele who expect "nothing but the best". We believe that the proper attention to detail must be applied to every phase of a project. The end result is a successful project and a satisfied client, every time"

- Jean Laurent, President










Employment Opportunities.

Employment Opportunities 1 Touch Control is experiencing tremendous growth. As such, 1 Touch Control is always looking for talented individuals to join or team. 1 Touch Control maintains a professional work environment and believes that the key to it's success rests on its' ability to make our employee's succeed.

As an experienced Programming Professional, Systems Designer or Graphics Developer, you are already well aware of just how much in demand these particular skill sets can be.

Always on the move, 1 Touch Control is always looking to fill our ranks with high-quality individuals with these skill sets. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at info@1touchcontrol.com or by using the form below.

All inquiries are considered confidential, and are treated as such. 1 Touch Control is an equal opportunity employer.