Our Mission

"Our goal is to provide innovative solutions for a select clientele who expect "nothing but the best". We believe that the proper attention to detail must be applied to every phase of a project. The end result is a successful project and a satisfied client, every time"

- Jean Laurent, President



Who We Are

1 Touch Control is a programming and consulting company that provides services to clients involved in the development, sales and installation of custom electronic technology for the commercial and residential markets.

Since 2001, 1 Touch Control has focused on control systems which have been progressively growing in size and complexity. In the control systems industry we believe that Crestron Electronics has the best products in the marketplace, and we are focused into becoming the premier programming and consulting company in the country for Crestron control systems.  We are a member of the C restron A uthorized I ndependent P rogrammer program (CAIP). Our programmers are Crestron certified, some at the Master level. Our engagements have taken place all over the USA as well as abroad. We have worked on over 600 projects and because of that experience we found ourselves consulting on projects, helping with proposals, and assisting with document creation.

Clients of 1 Touch Control are integrators, developers, builders, architects, interior designers and end users.  We offer our clients a range of services allowing them to integrate new technology into their projects. Their benefits are in controlling costs, avoiding hassles and guaranteeing professional results to their demanding customers.

We offer consulting services to help understand the client's needs, on developing the scope of work documentation, writing proposals and estimating budgets. Our engineering services focus on all of the details necessary for a successful implementation, with special attention to the ease-of-use, future compatibility, serviceability and reliability. Focusing on coordination between all parties, maintaining the time lines and controlling the budget are important aspects of our project management services. Our training service is targeted specifically at our integrator clients, which allow their installation teams, who have limited experience, to quickly and efficiently complete complex technology projects.

1 Touch Control is considered the leading expert in programming Crestron control systems. Our experiences have also allowed us to program other systems. Designing attractive and user friendly interfaces is the competitive edge that has built our reputation. We make it all work, “with just 1 Touch...”