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1 Touch Control Consulting

Our consulting process begins with an initial client meeting. The majority of this time is spent educating clients on what technologies are available. We then discuss how all these technologies can respond to their needs.  During this time we are asking specific questions to define the client needs and desires. As a result of this process the information is used to develop a project scope of work.

The purpose of developing a project scope of work is to define the client's desired system. It is important that there is a clear understanding of all project details. These details relate to the system theory, functionality, and projected budgets. This scope of work then serves as the origin for all system design, documentation and project information.

The control system industry is ever evolving and can be quite complex for anyone who is not in the industry and who is familiar with emerging trends and technology…1 Touch Control is constantly looking at this new technology and making sure the systems we design not only meet the client expectations but also allow for integration with future applications.