1 Touch Control Engineering

Front End Development – All of the systems we are involved in are engineered well before any work is started. We see ourselves as the “architects” for electronic systems.  All system details, or the system “blueprints”, are developed to insure proper system integration and implementation.

Integration – System integration not only addresses how the system functions or works from a physical perspective, but also how the hardware blends into the home or office architecture and interior design. During the engineering process, we are working with the builder, architect, interior designer and tradesman to make sure that the system not only meets all physical requirements for proper operation but we are also looking at how to creatively integrate this technology where it becomes a part of the client lifestyle and use.

Documentation – The system engineering process yields complete system documentation that is used to manage the proper integration and implementation of the system. Project documentation ranges by the complexity of the project and scope of work. It is developed by project phase. Copies of the documentation are supplied to project related parties or tradesman as needed.