1 Touch Control Services

Of the many services that 1 Touch Control offers its clients, our programming service is perhaps one of the most important factors that keep us ahead of our competition. All of our programmers go through intense training and are required to keep their knowledge up-to-date by attending advanced training courses and trade shows. Every project is under the supervision of a Certified Crestron Programmer with extensive experience within the entire family of Crestron products and systems. Our team of experts has worked on a wide variety of automated systems accounting for over 600 projects. The quality of our work speaks for itself. 1 Touch Control programming is the best in the business.

There is usually not many ways of installing equipment but there are many different approaches to using it. Some users will look for simplicity and ease of use, while others will demand more depth in the functions of their system. Because of that our programmers will always start the engagement with reviewing the specifications of the project in detail. If the detail document, which we call the scope of work, is not available our experts will help you to produce one. It is important to us that prior to starting the programming we understand the client's expectations. The scope of work will help to ensure that those expectations will be met.

The next step in this process is to develop the interfaces that will be used to control and interact with the system. The client can choose from a variety of standard touch panel design styles, or can request to have a custom interface designed just for them (see examples of touch panels in our gallery). Our programmers and graphics designers will create the touch panel screens and collaborate with the client to verify and confirm that the functions of the system determined and agreed to in the scope of work are being met.

An equipment list and a scope of work are not enough to accurately program a system. It is important for the programmer to know in detail how the equipment being controlled is connected. If the connection details are not available for your project our experts will help you in completing one. This will ensure that only a minimum amount of adjustments will be necessary when the program is installed and tested.

When a scope of work has been developed, the interface has been approved by the client, and the connection details are available, our experienced programmers will be able to provide a working program within a minimum amount of time. At 1 Touch Control we strongly encourage the build-out of the equipment racks off-site. This is done so that most of the configuration can be completed and the program can be tested prior to installation on-site. Our goal is to minimize the amount of time spent in the residence. 1 Touch Control has a history of rapid deployment and customer satisfaction.

Our standard interfaces are so easy to use that the typical user will not need any training to be able control the system. It is our policy to have the interfaces reviewed and approved by the client ahead of time.