1 Touch Control Training

Our training services are specifically targeted at the system integrators installation teams. Technology is becoming increasingly more complex and diverse. Our experts are exposed to these technologies on a daily basis and are perfectly suited to transfer their experience and skills to your staff. They have hundreds of hours of successful hands-on experience. Everything subject they teach was learned from experience as installers, system designers, project managers or programmers.

A perfectly engineered and documented system can become a nightmare if the installation is not completed according to strict guidelines and standards. In the installation of a system, that could combine hundreds of pieces of equipment, thousands of parts, and many different cables, every little detail counts. In the integrated systems market referrals are a large of your business. Your company's reputation will be enhanced based on three essential elements:

1. How little time you spend in your client's facilities.
2. How clean your installation looks.
3. And how many few service calls you have to respond to.

Your installers will learn how to read documentation, how to execute the proper connections and how to test and troubleshoot a complex system. 1 Touch Control has the mission of turning your installation staff into a professional team, which will be able to handle and respond to any situation.